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What is Emerging 3D?

Emerging 3D is a young digital publishing house. Founded in June 2010 by Elise Adams, Smashing Media provides practical, useful information for the international computer graphic and digital art community. Our team of dedicated Film, Game and 3D geeks constantly strives to improve the quality and range of products for creative professionals. We seek to present exceptional, noteworthy tips, tutorials, and resources that stimulate creativity and strengthen the 3D artist, 3D professional the animation community.

Why do you write about BOTH stereoscopic and CG stuff?

The role of the modern 3D professional is ever-expanding. We see more and more stereoscopy task in the 3D community everyday and with all the major film production houses kitting out for the full 3D experience its important that the modern 3D professional be well versed in both. Currently the industry is based mostly around the traditional type of CG art but even if you’re one or the other, it serves you well to know both sides of the coin.

Who writes this stuff?

The creator and primary author of Emerging 3D is Elise Adams, a Graphic Designer and 3D artist who works with 3Ds Max, Maya, VRay, ZBrush and RenderMan.

Emerging 3D also features guest authors from the same field of interest.

Can I Becoming an Author or Reviewer for Emerging 3D?

Yes! If you have a tutorial you’d like to contribute or a project you’d like to show off to others, shoot us a message over at the contact page – you’ll always have an audience over here.

We read through each and every email we receive, and we try our best to answer all of them.
We especially appreciate honest feedback, constructive criticism and useful link suggestions.

Also, we don’t usually read copied-and-pasted PR material, so sending some over probably isn’t a good idea.