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Short of the Week: Week 21 – Monsterbox

This weeks video comes from the Bellecour Art School in France and let me just say these french folk really make some pretty amazing animations.

Created as an end of studies project for 3D computer graphics Bachelor 2012 Bellecour Schools Art & Design Entertainment ( Directed by Ludovic Gavillet, Derya Kocaurlu, Lucas Hudson and Colin Jean-Saunier.

3D GIFs – What are they and how do you make one?

3D GIFs – What are they and how do you make one?

At this stage your probably thinking to yourself “What is this magic?”. Well let me start by explaining how it works. Our brains are trained, right from the time when we first start focusing to see depth and put things into three dimensions.

Buzz in 3D

When the foreground part of image breaks the white lines – blocking them by moving out in front – it looks like it’s hurling straight at us. While our brains can discern the 3D qualities of a 2D photo or video, this simple trick just enhances it by telling the brain to see things slightly differently.